Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Recipes as a base

A lot of the recipes you will find here aren't actually "real" in the sense that they were published somewhere - they are generally inspired by a recipe that we noticed.

Half the fun is adapting and experimenting

e.g. the corn bread recipe - you could leave out the fluid in the can that you top up with milk and substitute something like beer or maybe even fruit juice. Yech you might say - but if you don't try it how will you ever know? And you may just discover something that really works. Chocolate with chicken breasts is an example - doesn't sound like it matches but the chocolate results in a really rich, intense sauce. It also confuses guests because they know the taste but don't make the association!

Or substitute something in the menu that you don't have in the pantry with something that you do have in the fridge that you want to use before you have to bin it!

Give it a go - that's how you learn.

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