Sunday, May 21, 2006

Tools : Knives and spreaders

We bought these from Alison Holst

To quote:

"Serrated Knife

We find these knives unbelievably useful and we're sure you will too! They are perfect for cutting cooked meats, ripe fruit and vegetables, and slicing bread and baking. Treated carefully, these blades stay sharp for years. The serrated 110mm blade is rounded at the end with a black (dishwasher-proof) nylon handle, each knife comes in an individual plastic sheath.


After our knives, these must be the most used tools in our kitchens! With a comfortable plastic handle, metal shank and flexible plastic blade (suitable for use on non-stick surfaces), these are excellent for mixing muffin batters, stirring and scraping bowls, spreading icings, turning pikelets etc., etc...."

We can only agree - we like the knives so much we've got lots of them!

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